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Investors' confidence slow to recover, but a financial plan improves outlook

Scotia Global Asset Management Investor Sentiment Survey highlights top concerns and the need for financial advice.

Investing through 2024 and beyond with robust portfolios

We examine the short-term and long-term considerations for our clients' portfolios. Let’s compare our 12-month and 10-year perspectives. Learn more.

Private Assets

Scotiabank Global Wealth Management and Sun Life Capital Management announce strategic relationship in private assets.

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We help clients across North America, the Caribbean and Latin America achieve their financial goals.

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Scotia Global Asset Management and its affiliates offer traditional and alternative investment solutions to clients across Canada and around the world.

Scotia Index Tracker ETFs and Scotia Responsible Investing ETFs provide a low cost-investment solution to closely track the performance of a specified index.

ScotiaFunds’ lineup of mutual funds includes domestic, international and specialty funds across all asset classes, regions and investment styles.

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To better serve our diverse range of clients, we deliver comprehensive asset management solutions through multiple targeted brands and platforms.

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