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Leading our commitment to enrich our clients’ financial futures through comprehensive and innovative investment solutions.

Who we are

 Our goal of enriching our clients’ futures starts with our leadership team

Headshot of Neal Kerr

Neal Kerr

Head, Scotia Global Asset Management & President, 1832 Asset Management L.P.

Headshot of Jim Morris

Jim Morris

Managing Director, Investment Management & Chief Operating Officer, 1832 Asset Management L.P.

Headshot of Greg Joseph

Greg Joseph

Head, Finance & Chief Financial Officer, 1832 Asset Management L.P.

Headshot of Kevin Brown

Kevin Brown

Vice President, Compliance & Chief Compliance Officer, 1832 Asset Management L.P.

Headshot of Nadine Gartley

Nadine Gartley

Managing Director, Product Management and Innovation, Canada

Headshot of Mark Brisley

Mark Brisley

Managing Director and Head, Dynamic Funds, Canada

Headshot of Adam Neal

Adam Neal

Managing Director and Head of Global Institutional Distribution

Headshot of Brent Currie

Brent Currie

Senior Vice President, Investment Distribution & Partnerships, Canada

Headshot of Todd Flick

Todd Flick

Managing Director, Scotia Private Investment Counsel (PIC) & Jarislowsky Fraser Private Wealth Management, Canada

Headshot of Giancarlo Rossi

Giancarlo Rossi

Vice President, International Asset Management and Pensions

Bruno Carchidi

Vice President, Asset Management Operations, Canada

Committed to enriching our clients’ futures

ESG approach

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations are a key component in delivering long-term value to clients.

Investment teams

Rooted in more than 65 years of portfolio management and firmly held core values, our investment teams continue to evolve to meet changing investor needs.


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Our solutions

We offer traditional and alternative investment solutions across a broad range of products to meet the diverse spectrum of client needs.

Where we are

Scotia Global Asset Management’s operational footprint spans Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean.

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