Fixed income

Our Core Fixed Income and Specialized Credit Teams manage a wide range of active fixed-income mandates across markets and sectors (including traditional and alternative bond strategies) seeking to deliver risk-adjusted returns and income solutions with additional support from a dedicated Centralized Credit Research Team.

Our Investment Teams — Canada

Core Fixed Income

The Core Fixed Income Team employs both interest rate and credit strategies that seek to identify the secular and cyclical macroeconomic trends and security-specific factors that drive opportunities for investing in primarily North American fixed income markets. As active investment managers, the team follows a balanced approach that blends both top-down and bottom-up analysis, with a focus on fundamental and technical research aiming to generate risk-adjusted returns. The portfolio managers are supported by a large group of seasoned analysts and traders, as well as a centralized credit research team which has extensive experience in detailed credit analysis.

Specialized Credit

The Specialized Credit Team employs a comprehensive top-down and bottom-up investment process, focusing on the risk and reward relationship of investments within a diversified portfolio. The team relies on their extensive experience and proprietary research to develop a deep understanding of market drivers. Furthermore, they analyze several macroeconomic indicators that impact credit markets. This is complemented by internal and external research. The team utilizes fundamental and relative value analysis to identify opportunities. Aiming to proactively protect investor capital, sophisticated systems are used to identify and manage risks on a continuous basis.

Focus and ongoing due diligence are integral aspects of the investment process across various strategies.


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