The Women in Asset Management Program

Increasing representation in Canada’s asset management industry through exposure and training.

Diverse representation brings diversity of thought

We recognize this as a competitive edge in the asset management industry that can better help our clients achieve their financial goals.

To help overcome the important issue of underrepresentation of women in Canada’s asset management industry, Scotia Global Asset Management has proudly partnered with Ivey to offer the Women in Asset Management Program (WAM Program).

Program overview

The program aims to expose the diverse career opportunities available in asset management to undergraduate students at any Canadian university who self-identify as a woman. It includes four weeks of in-class training and a 10-to-12-week paid internship at a Canadian asset management firm.

We have three goals:

  • Introduce knowledge, skills and the training path needed for career success.
  • Increase the number of women in the Canadian asset management industry.
  • Build a network of women leaders in the industry that can mentor others.
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"As a young woman in this male-dominated industry, the experience gained through the Women in Asset Management program resonated profoundly, challenging the status quo and illustrating the immense value that diverse perspectives bring to financial analysis. It's a testament to the transformative power of recognizing talent irrespective of gender, fostering an environment where everyone can excel and redefine industry standards."

- Nicole Tessier

 "The skills and knowledge I gained during the Women in Asset Management program equipped me with the confidence to pursue a career in the finance industry. It is crucial that we empower women to pursue careers in the finance industry, and opportunities such as the WAM program and internships are a great starting point for this.” 

- Beatrice Pinsky

Jim Morris headshot

“We all need to play a part in advancing diversity and inclusion – and I am in the fortunate position to leverage my leadership role to drive diversity and inclusion in our business and in the industry more broadly. We started this journey with Ivey a few years ago and as a member of the WAM Advisory Council, I am thrilled to see the evolution of the program to include national expansion across Canada.”

Jim Morris

Managing Director, Investment Management & Chief Operating Officer

"We are proud to be a Benefactor Sponsor of the Ivey School of Business’ Women in Asset Management (WAM) Program for the third year in a row. This program has given us the opportunity to mentor many talented women who are interested in pursuing a career in Asset Management. WAM is a valuable initiative that helps us build a diverse and inclusive talent pipeline of Women investors."

Marilyn Croghan

Director, Investment Management Operations